What You Need to Submit an Initiative

The following is the information reporters are required to provide to submit an initiative. It will be easier to quickly submit initiatives if you collect all the information you need in advance. Keep it on hand so you can quickly get your initiative(s) submitted.

Background Information

  • Is the initiative active?
    • Indication of whether you are actively planning to continue the initiative in the future.
  • Title
  • Division, Department, Unit that owns the initiative
  • Founding Date
    • Date the initiative first took place. (Note: For events, this can be the same as the date the initiative took place, especially if it is a one-time event.)

​Logistics – Frequency

  • Start Date
    • Date the initiative started

​Logistics – Participants

  • Participant Count
    • Number of people who participated in the initiative
  • Participants Charged
    • Indication of whether participants were charged to participate
  • Population Served
    • Participants the initiative is specifically targeting
    • ***The University of Wisconsin-Madison does not discriminate in its employment practices, programs or activities on a variety of bases including but not limited to: age, color, disability, national origin, race, or sex.  However, the institution is allowed and encouraged to provide services, programs and activities targeting specific populations and needs to support educational success and promote personal development.


  • Contact person(s): Name, Phone Number, and Email
    • *A person/people that can be approached for information or assistance.


  • Annual Budget & Innovation Grant Funding System (IGFS)
    • The amount of money earmarked for the initiative annually.
      • (Note: If there are no funds budgeted annually for the initiative indicate this by inputting $0)
    • IGFS Funded
      • Indicate whether the Office of the Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer (OVPCDO) provided funding for the initiative.
      • If yes, you will need provide the following:
        • How did you hear about IGFS?
        • Was this an IGFS Conference Brownbag Requirement?
        • Percent of the total funding that came from the IGFS grant from the OVPCDO.
        • Suggestions or feedback to help enhance the IGFS process.
        • Description of the initiative’s success.
        • Mode(s) of advertisement.
      • Funding
        • Were 101, 136, or 402 funds used for this initiative?
          • Indicate if 101, 136, or 402 funds were used to execute the initiative.
          • If yes, you will need provide the following:
            • Funding Sources
              • List the funding source(s) (UDDS) that typically fund this initiative. Please include funding that is for: items you purchased directly for this program, advertising, food, recruitment, and salary for dedicated staff who were hired specifically for the initiative.
              • (Note: You will need to know the UDDS number, the amount of money spent, and which year the funding came from; more information about UDDS’s and funding strings can be found here: https://businessservices.wisc.edu/accounting/using-funding-codes-and-strings/.)