As a key component of the University’s Diversity Framework, the Chancellor’s office called for the creation of a campuswide inventory of all diversity and inclusion initiatives at UW–Madison. The Diversity Inventory helps users to discover and join existing initiatives, and also inspires participants and other campus community members to create new projects.

Institutional Definition of Diversity

“Our commitment is to create an environment that engages “the whole person” in the service of learning, recognizing that individual differences should be considered foundational to our strength as a community, and at the core of our ability to be an innovative, creative, and adaptable institution preparing leaders for the 21st century. As such, this framework acknowledges areas of individual difference in personality; learning styles; life experiences; and group or social differences that may manifest through personality, learning styles, life experiences, and group or social differences. Our definition of diversity also incorporates differences of race and ethnicity; sex; gender, and gender identity or expression; age, sexual orientation; country of origin; language; disability; emotional health; socio-economic status; and affiliations that are based on cultural, political, religious, or other identities.”

Forward Together, 2015

History and Purpose

In June 2014, Chancellor Blank requested a campus wide inventory of all diversity programs at UW–Madison, with an emphasis on programs for undergraduate students.

A tool was developed to produce the inventory and served the first-phase effort on which we have built a unified system for the regular collection of diversity data, as envisioned in UW-Madison’s new diversity planning framework, Forward Together.

The purpose of the inventory was to be able to identify and support our continuing diversity planning activities, and provide a perspective of the broad range of diversity-related activities taking place across campus.

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The purpose of the Diversity Inventory is:

1. To provide the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a database that will collect, update, and report information on diversity-related activities, campus wide, in an effort to:

  • Improve knowledge about diversity resources, programming, initiatives, research, etc. at UW–Madison,
  • Improve ability to coordinate planning of diversity related activities with other campus partners,
  • Get a sense of where the diversity related opportunity areas and needs are in your school/college, and
  • Have a better sense of your school/college’s fiscal commitment to diversity-related activities.

2. In accordance with the Initiative 8 of the Diversity Framework, provide data for an updated Strategic Diversity Update, which is “an annual campus-wide report documenting objectives, goals, outcomes and resource allocations” of diversity activities across campus.