Odyssey Junior Project

The award-winning UW–Madison Odyssey Project takes a whole family approach to breaking the cycle of generational poverty through access to education, giving adult and youth learners a voice, and increasing confidence through reading, writing, and speaking.

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Inclusivity Everyday

The Inclusivity Everyday Program offers a framework through which a variety of inclusivity-related Communities of Practice form and function, providing entry points so each staff member can take part in conversations about inclusivity at an appropriate and productive level.

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Research Mentor Training

Research mentor training is an evidence-based, interactive workshop designed to help mentors develop skills for engaging in productive, culturally responsive, research mentoring relationships—relationships that optimize the success of both mentors and mentees.

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College Access Program

The College Access Program (CAP) is a three-week summer enrichment residential program for first-generation college students or students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The program is open to 9th and 10th graders who have completed their …