torsheika maddox headshotTorsheika Maddox, PhD

Program Director, Diversity Inventory
Director, Office of Strategic Diversity Planning and Research
Division of Diversity Equity and Educational Achievement (DDEEA)

175 Bascom Hall, 608-263-0631,

BA in Sociology from Rutgers University
MS in Population Health and a PhD in Sociology, University of Wisconsin–Madison

As the Director of the Office of Strategic Diversity Planning and Research (OSDPR), Dr. Maddox directs teams responsible for research, evaluation, and assessment actions, leading quality improvement activities and supporting auditing and monitoring both internally and by external organizations for the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement. The Office of Affirmative Action Planning and Programming (OAAPP), which supports the University’s compliance with federal and state laws and regulations and University policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and sexual harassment, also reports to Dr. Maddox. She also has a longstanding commitment to diversity, inclusion, and climate, addressing the needs of under-served populations, and a passion for serving students and staff in higher education.